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 /  Systematic Investment Planning (SIP)
small saving is
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SIP allows a user to build an investment portfolio with small regular investments

The Power of Growth

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is the best way to beat market volatility and tide over inflation by a comfortable margin

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) also offers a convenient way to increase your monthly investment along with an increase in your overall monthly savings

A marginal increase in your monthly SIP amount can have significant impact on your returns

A Step Up Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) can help you reap Maximum Benefit and maximize your returns.

Use this calculator to see the power of compounding interest

What is Systematic Investment Planning?

We all have various financial obligations. Some of them, like daily needs, school fees, etc., involve a significant outgo of your cash. Others, like a trip for your family or buying a fancy gizmo, entail a one-time payment for which money can be collected relatively quickly. But long-term goals like retirement planning or purchasing a home require saving and investing for many years. Yet irrespective of the amount involved and the time horizon, planning and investing money systematically and regularly enables you to sail through these obligations. A SIP is a simple and effective solution for achieving these goals.

A SIP is a method of investing in Mutual Funds by putting in a fixed sum regularly to buy units of a mutual fund scheme. It is similar to a recurring deposit from a bank or post office. For convenience, an investor could start a SIP with as low as Rs 500; however, this amount may differ from one fund house to another.

Advantages of SIP

  • Easy, Flexibility and Liquidity: SIP is easy to start, manage and stop. It allows you to choose a desired scheme or draw in parts. And with conditions, you have the money for contingency and emergency use.
  • No need to time the markets: Imagine if you could always pick the right time to buy and sell. However, timing the market is a time-consuming and risky task. You can stop worrying about when and how much to invest through disciplined and regular investments. In short, it eliminates the need to track the markets actively.
  • Rupee cost averaging: Since your investments are spread regularly over time, buying fewer units during rising markets and buying more units during falling markets reduces your assets' average price per unit. This concept is known as Rupee Cost Averaging. Know more about SIP in our Blog on SIP
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Rupal Vora, House Wife

Rupal Vora, House Wife
With increasing cost, the need is to get involved in managing the household budget and provide for the stable lifestyle of the family. empowered me to take the control of my personal finances through its budgeting platform.
And there is more… I just realised that with my small savings each month I can gift my family a holiday after two years.
Mona Mohanty, Market Research Professional

Mona Mohanty, Market Research Professional
5nance site has explained a difficult thing like "Money Management" with ease. It gave me a clear picture of my money and assets. Most importantly, the site was too easy to manoeuvre, thereby making things comfortable for me.