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4 reasons to choose
algrow over other

Why choose between growth & safety?
This model is perfect for you if you’re expecting higher returns while the money you’ve invested stays safe. Only the best-performing funds have been chosen to design algrow for you.

Check performance
Created after incisive
research spanning 20 yrs
Our smart algorithm utilizes research to monitor the past performance of the selected funds. Based on this data, it switches between equity and debt accurately, so your investments are always safeguarded.
Gain greater returns than a PF or FD offer – the cost-efficient way! The only price to be paid is the nominal transaction cost.
Make the best of
every market condition
Receive 10%* minimum returns even if the markets are low. For higher returns, invest for more than 5 yrs.
*applicable only on a recommended
duration of 3 yrs. or more.
Continuous investments,
better returns
The longer you stay invested, the more your money multiplies. The power of compounding creates wealth for you over the long-term.
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Rupal Vora, House Wife

Rupal Vora, House Wife
With increasing cost, the need is to get involved in managing the household budget and provide for the stable lifestyle of the family. empowered me to take the control of my personal finances through its budgeting platform.
And there is more… I just realised that with my small savings each month I can gift my family a holiday after two years.
Mona Mohanty, Market Research Professional

Mona Mohanty, Market Research Professional
5nance site has explained a difficult thing like "Money Management" with ease. It gave me a clear picture of my money and assets. Most importantly, the site was too easy to manoeuvre, thereby making things comfortable for me.