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Make money
grow by
Putting it
to work for you.
The biggest force on earth is the power of compounding

One-time investment is the best choice for a lumpsum money.

Invest your surplus as one time investment in different asset classes to spread the risk and maximize returns.
One-time Investment you wish to make ?
About Lump Sum Investment

A Lump Sum Investment means a once off premium / payment into an investment fund which is designed to provide you with a return in growth. This type of investment can make your money work harder for you.

A Lump Sum Bond is a hassle-free product, with no investment transaction charges or cash accounts to worry about. It’s focused on individuals, companies and trustees with moderate amounts to invest, who want to start small but still reap the potential growth offered through a dedicated range of leading funds.

Attitude to Risk

All Investment Funds are rated on a scale of 1 to 7 in terms of the level of risk or volatility involved.
Funds that are rated low risk invest conservatively and are designed to provide a steady return on growth, while funds that are rated high risk have the potential to provide higher returns but could also result in heavier losses.

We assist you in gauging your own attitude to risk early in the Lifetime Financial Planning process, while also giving our own expert advice on the type of funds that would best suit you.

The most important decision when making a Lump Sum Investment is the choice of fund, and without expert advice it can be difficult to choose.
Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks. Please read all documents carefully before investing.
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Rupal Vora, House Wife

Rupal Vora, House Wife
With increasing cost, the need is to get involved in managing the household budget and provide for the stable lifestyle of the family. empowered me to take the control of my personal finances through its budgeting platform.
And there is more… I just realised that with my small savings each month I can gift my family a holiday after two years.
Mona Mohanty, Market Research Professional

Mona Mohanty, Market Research Professional
5nance site has explained a difficult thing like "Money Management" with ease. It gave me a clear picture of my money and assets. Most importantly, the site was too easy to manoeuvre, thereby making things comfortable for me.