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Bring down your loan interest from ‘oh no’ to ‘0’!

Have no fear while taking a loan or paying one off. With Loan Genie, it’s absolutely no big deal.
You chill at home, while Loan Genie does the work. So, you enjoy lesser interest of even 0%.

Enjoy free expert advice on loans that suit you best

Get automated precision about the best paperless loan for you, especially if you ever wanted to take a loan but didn’t know which one!

Finish paying your loans faster

Just, set the maximum amount you can repay on your existing loan. FIT-SIP, our super smart algorithm will accordingly invest on your behalf to pay off quicker.

Reduce loan interest to what you want

Experience the power of Loan Genie, that automatically brings your interest score even to zero. So, be stress-free even if you’ve taken a loan.

Greater your loan, greater is your happiness with Loan Genie.

Worry no more about paying off interest on your existing loan. Home loan, Auto loan or any other, Loan Genie saves you time and pays it off faster. So, get started with making your loan interest free.

Bigger the investment amount that you choose for FIT-SIP, the shorter is your loan’s duration. Impressive, isn’t it? Even, grab the flexibility of picking your investment amount as you desire.

Now, recovering interest on loans with smarter investments is so much easier.

Get perfect instant loans in a click. Watch the happiness that follows.

Enjoy a relaxing holiday in Bali or get the latest smartphone. Grab everything you love with 1 or multiple loans with Loan Genie.

Specially for you, Loan Genie chooses and optimizes loans with complete hand-holding right from the start to the end. So, you breathe easy even if you have a higher interest rate to pay. For starters, our advisory filters the perfect loan to pay off at rocket-speed. So, guess what? You’d be balancing expenses with EMIs just like a champ!

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Rupal Vora, House Wife

Rupal Vora, House Wife
With increasing cost, the need is to get involved in managing the household budget and provide for the stable lifestyle of the family. empowered me to take the control of my personal finances through its budgeting platform.
And there is more… I just realised that with my small savings each month I can gift my family a holiday after two years.
Mona Mohanty, Market Research Professional

Mona Mohanty, Market Research Professional
5nance site has explained a difficult thing like "Money Management" with ease. It gave me a clear picture of my money and assets. Most importantly, the site was too easy to manoeuvre, thereby making things comfortable for me.