Value Investing


Value investing is an investment strategy where investors seek stocks, assets, or securities that are trading at a price below their intrinsic value. This approach involves identifying undervalued opportunities based on fundamental analysis, such as financial statements, earnings, and market conditions.

Core Principles:

Intrinsic Value Analysis: Identifying assets trading below their calculated intrinsic value based on company fundamentals.

Patience and Discipline: Value investors aim for long-term gains and patiently wait for the market to recognize the asset’s true worth.

Strategy Approach:

Fundamental Analysis: Examining financial statements, cash flows, earnings, and the company’s competitive position to evaluate its true worth.

Margin of Safety: Purchasing assets at a price significantly below their calculated intrinsic value to reduce risk.


Risk Management: Value investing aims to reduce risk by investing in assets with potential to appreciate to their true worth.

Long-Term Wealth Creation: This strategy focuses on buying and holding assets for the long term to benefit from their growth.


Value investing is an investment strategy aimed at identifying undervalued assets based on fundamental analysis. It seeks to invest in assets trading below their intrinsic value, emphasizing patience, discipline, and long-term gains as key principles.