Quarterly Revenue Growth


Quarterly revenue growth is a financial metric that measures the increase or decrease in a company’s total sales or income over a three-month period, typically from the same quarter in the previous year or sequentially from the previous quarter.

Calculation of Quarterly Revenue Growth:

Current Quarter RevenuePrevious Quarter Revenue/ Previous Quarter Revenue​ x 100

Key Insights

Short-Term Performance: Indicates how a company’s revenue is trending over a specific quarter.

Year-over-Year Comparison: Compares revenue growth in the current quarter with the same period in the previous year.


Performance Assessment: Measures a company’s ability to increase sales and generate revenue in a short-term context.

Investor Confidence: Positive quarterly revenue growth often instills investor confidence in a company’s future prospects.


Positive Growth: Indicates an increase in revenue compared to the previous quarter, signaling healthy business performance.

Negative Growth: Signifies a decline in revenue compared to the previous quarter, potentially raising concerns about business operations.


A company reports $10 million in revenue in Q2 of the current year, compared to $8 million in Q2 of the previous year, resulting in a quarterly revenue growth of 25%.


Why is quarterly revenue growth important?

It provides insights into short-term business performance, aiding in strategic planning and decision-making for investors and company management.

Can external factors affect quarterly revenue growth?

External factors like economic conditions, market trends, or unexpected events can significantly impact a company’s revenue growth.

How does quarterly revenue growth differ from annual growth?

Quarterly growth measures performance over three months, offering short-term insights, while annual growth assesses the whole year’s performance, providing a broader perspective.

What can cause fluctuations in quarterly revenue growth?

Seasonal trends, product cycles, marketing initiatives, or shifts in consumer behavior can contribute to fluctuations in quarterly revenue growth.


Quarterly revenue growth is a critical metric that assesses a company’s short-term performance, providing insights into revenue trends, potential strengths, and areas that might require attention for sustained growth.