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 /  First Time Investment Management Services in India

First Time Investment

Questions which sounds easy, but difficult to answer.
Here we clear all related to first time investment.

HOW to invest

We specialise in the classic way to invest

Get your finance in order
Set your aspirations
Assess the risk that you can take
Understand the products you are comfortable with to invest
Check out the cost of investments
  • Time is one thing you would never get once it is lost. So start early to achieve early.
  • Always spend after your investments, else you would have problems to find money to invest.
  • Never wait for the best time to invest
  • It is completely a personal call, One can invest for oneself or for next generations
  • Anyone who is concerned about maintaining the same lifestyle even after the income stops.
  • Anyone who aspire to be financially independent
  • 5nance specialise in capital market products and assist you to invest in the products that are suitable for you.
  • Right from the cash you keep in the bank to the premium collections of gold or your hobbies, in one way or the other it is an investment.
  • Wide range of products to capture the risk profiles and return requirements of all users.
  • Slow and steady in a capital markets portfolio - the classic way
  • Time the market if you are able to know it well – the contrarian way, when everyone sells, buy
  • Riskless way, just invest in capital protected products such as bonds – the savings way
  • The type of investments is through trading in penny stocks and the derivatives– the long loved speculative way
  • Invest with tax benefits and with long term view – the hybrid way
  • You don’t have your complete life to work as there are only 2 ways to make money, either work or assets work for you
  • It will help you to support your personal causes or be part of creation and achieve your goals through the money.
  • Help you to become financially independent.
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Rupal Vora, House Wife

Rupal Vora, House Wife
With increasing cost, the need is to get involved in managing the household budget and provide for the stable lifestyle of the family. empowered me to take the control of my personal finances through its budgeting platform.
And there is more… I just realised that with my small savings each month I can gift my family a holiday after two years.
Mona Mohanty, Market Research Professional

Mona Mohanty, Market Research Professional
5nance site has explained a difficult thing like "Money Management" with ease. It gave me a clear picture of my money and assets. Most importantly, the site was too easy to manoeuvre, thereby making things comfortable for me.
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